Welcome to MichelleGeyer.com!

I am a mom of twin boys – and I know that moms are a unique group. Regardless of how your children came into your life, the moment you became a mom, you changed radically and irreversibly. I get that.  Moms almost always put their children before them – why just last night, I even let my son have the last piece of bacon!

What you can expect from me:

  • Integrity and honesty. Period.
  • I will be quick and to the point – I know you are likely reading this while your children are napping or (more likely) you have 17 more minutes to get something done before this episode of “Octonauts” is over.
  • An open mind and a virtual “welcome mat” – I am always open to new ideas and appreciate your feedback.
  • A sense of humor – as a wife, mom of twin boys and “mommapreneur,” being able to laugh at myself is what keeps me sane.
  • I will “keep it real” – you’ll see me in a ponytail and sweats with kids running around in the background because it is more important that I get you the information you need than spend time primping myself so that we can both pretend that I always walk around as if I stepped out of a photoshoot or that I have hours and hours of kid-free time to shoot videos.

What you can expect from my site:

  • No-nonsense, “tell it like it is” information to help you succeed.
  • No fluff here – I will only share things that I know work – because they have worked for me personally. I will not recommend something that I have not used myself.
  • Resources to turn to so you don’t have search them out yourself (because now there are only 14 minutes left of the Octonauts!)
  • Lots of lists that walk you through what you need to know or do (because I love putting things on a list so I can feel like I accomplished something today, even if the only item I crossed off was “brush my teeth”).

Top 7 reasons why I enjoy working with other moms:

  • Moms don’t bat an eye when I’m in a business meeting and the only writing utensil I can find in my bag is a crayon.
  • Moms understand the excitement I feel around wearing something that doesn’t have “sweat” as part of its name (sweatpants, sweatshirt, etc) and that after a while, jeans start to feel like “high fashion” to me.
  • Moms “get it” when we are on a phone call and it suddenly sounds as though banshees have been unleashed.
  • Moms know how to multitask, deal with tantrums and negotiate high-level peace treaties between parties who cannot see the other side. They can even do this with children too!
  • Moms understand the power of banding together to lower our chances of being overpowered and outmaneuvered by people under 42″ tall.
  • Moms know the meaning of hard work and don’t scare easily. After becoming a mom, all those things that we naively used to think were “hard” pale in comparison.
  • Moms are the best at knowing how to keep the “main thing” the main thing.